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Gay Marriage – Fair or Wrong?

Posted in Uncategorized by htbaird on January 15, 2009

The belief that marriage is a sacred bond between man and woman has been a widely held view around the world for tens of thousands of years. Marriage has always served the purpose of keeping individual men and women bonded together – legally, religiously, or both – in order to “protect” the family unit, especially when the union is blessed (or,some might say – especialy during teenage-rearing years – “cursed” with children 🙂
However, epecially in today’s Western society, marriage is no longer as widely considered “sacred”. As divorce rates climb, we must consider the reality that not all marriages are treated as sacred…too many involve abuse, adultry, and so on. However, not matter the “sanctity” placed on each individual marriage by man and wife, the legally married couple still recieves governement benefits, the two most important of which are tax breaks and shared insurance benefits.
While I am a conservative who still beleives in the sanctity of marriage, I also sympathize with gay couples in committed relationships – legal, tax-paying citizens – who are not allowed in most states the government and insurance benefit of married men and women.
Now – while I do not beleive in “gay marriage” – to me the term is an oxymoron – I do beleive that gay men and women should have the right to legal unions in this country. If the GOP were to support this cause, I beleive we would see a significant increase in conservative gay voters.
Please opine!


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  1. Karen said, on January 17, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    Ok Holly. These are really big issues. Tres complique. I am so impressed by the thought you have put in. I will try to get out there and process some of this stuff, provide feedback. I do have an opinion on gay marriage that I have thought about and would be willing to share.

    I think of marriage as a sacrament of the church — therefore an issue for the church that does not belong in matters of state — which are legal issues. In Europe you have two marriages – one church and one state. We have the same thing here but I don’t know anyone who held a reception after they received their marriage license. I know Europeans who have — and never even bothered with a church wedding.

    People of faith (and most of the conservatives I know) consider marriage a sacrament of the church — and the license only as a legal requirement of the state. Gay couples that I know want to be recognized by the state with a legal and binding civil union that allows them the legal/civil rights of “marriage”. Since only the church can bless a civil union with the sacrament of marriage then just change the wording.

    If we change the state’s wording to civil union and let the churches grapple with who gets to be blessed with the sacrament of marriage then the issue is off of the political table. Voila. What was an issue of semantics (marriage vs/ civil union) has successfully and rightly been taken out of the political sphere and put back in the religious sphere where it belongs. Let our very capable clergy grapple with it. Not our politicians.

    Another argument for allowing civil unions among gays is that it makes the couple ACCOUNTABLE to each other and to the children they bring into this world. As a mother this is key to me. Right now the non-child bearing spouse in a homosexual union has ZERO legal obligation to the mother – and consequently to the child they’ve worked SO hard to figure out a way to bring into this world. (Unless they have legally adopted the child.) What if that parent leaves? It happens — just like in a heterosexual marriage.

    The only difference is that when the gay spouse of a gay mother/father leaves -he or she has no legal obligation. These spouses and children should be protected. The children are born into this world without the same civil rights as a heterosexual couple’s child and that is wrong. If they are left by a deadbeat parent the other spouse and child(ren) have no rights/recourse. These parents must be held accountable by our laws just like hetero parents. That way if they decide to become a deadbeat parent they are breaking laws.

  2. Mike said, on January 17, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    Culturally-learned empathy time now – Gay Marriage- I agree with you that civil unions are preferred. Let each state decide their own civil union status. Our Constitution already grants straights and gay basic legal rights on nearly all issues. All citizens have legal rights. I do not know if someone is born gay. I agree the estrog/testost. balance may be off. I think the song “Baby Loves Love” hits it well. All humans desire love and attention. Many choose gay partners b/c it is a lonely world at times. Edmund Burke said it well that families are the platoon boats of society. Strong mother and fathers and extended family giving discipline, love, and support helps society grow best. It does not take a village, it takes good parents. Vikings lived in communes, and they petered out. The ideal of family knows best is a good guide. I think gay couples such fulfill each other with love. Civil unions is a good middle ground

  3. htbaird said, on January 17, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    Wow! Thank you, Karen…while our opinions are ver similar on this issue, you stress the gay couple/adoption issue. Wonderful insight. It really should convince anyone that gay unions need to be made legal! Quite impressive, my friend.

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