Save the GOP!


Greetings to Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.  I  believe that if you are reading  this blog, you share the common objective of most Americans…using the intelligence and empathy with which we have all been blessed in order to protect our freedom, safety, and prosperity as one nation.

It came as a great shock to me – when I proposed on the National Review site- that so many conservative women have been lost to the GOP because of the abortion issue.

As a new convert to “pro-life”voter myself (within limits) , I have some intersting examples of how and why the current nomenclature of “pro-life” sends our conservative women away from the Republican party in droves – indeed, by the millions.
Here on this page, I have divided the most common differences that tear us apart as a country – and, especially as conservatives – into individual discussion groups, in the hopes that we can  discourse and learn – and grow – from one another’s thoughts.

Thank you in advance for your considerations and contributions!.

Holly Baird


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